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grouping & sorting on access report

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UPDATE:  i finally figured it out and got the report results i needed!!  Thanks to all who replied!



I've spent HOURS searching for answers / examples on how to control how my data is displayed on my report.  ANY help here is greatly appreciated.

I have a db that tracks patiets with multiple medications.  I have my report that displays these patients who have medication refills that are so many days past due, but it's grouped (therefore sorted) by patient so it's strictly alphabetical.  I print this so my staff can follow up with the patients who are most past due on refilling their medication.  So I need the primary sort to be based on the last fill date(s) and arrange my patients in order based on who has the most past due refill, while maintaining the grouping by patient.   (there is no real patient infomation in the sample db i've attached)

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Have you gotten your issue resolved?

If your report is link to a query, you can then just sort it from that query. If you create a simple form, then you can have users select the form value and generate the report based on that.

thank you!  i'll give this a try!  (sorry for the delayed response, got tied up at work w/ long hours)

hi jim, sorry for the delayed response, got tied up at work w/ long hours.  I have my report sorted how i need it and my patients are unofficially grouped together, which is as close to perfect as i could get it.  Another community member had sent me some code for my query to compare dates for each patient and return the oldest date, and this oldest date is how the report Sorts my patients.  

When i try to create a level of Grouping (via the Group & sort pane at the bottom of the design view), neither version of access that i'm working with (2007 & 2016) will allow me to perform a group after a sort order has been set.  Access just crashes and i have to reopen and remove the attempted grouping...