Graphing Time in MS Access

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I am trying to graph a simple dataset in MS Access that consists of two fields - a timestamp and a value.  The timestamp/value is in 10 minute increments so there are about 100 values in a day.  When I try to graph a day's values in Access, it is not possible because the minimum time grouping is one day.  Does anyone know of a solution to graph/chart by hour or minute in Access?  There's no issue doing this in Excel but I cannot find a way to do it in Access, which is what I need.  Many thanks for any guidance or suggestions.

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I, too, am finding Access graphing "talents" limited if not "limiting".
I wish there was more documentation... Somewhere, with code examples.
With the little experience I have with Access graphs, so far, you might have more success using the old chart control? Than the newer one. You will have to get into VBA programming, IMO, but it will worth your time and, in the end, you'll have the results you expected.



Thank you for your reply.  I have figured out that the best way to do graphing is to link the Access data into Excel and do the graphic there as Excel has much better graphing functionality.

Is this difficult?



It's very easy.  You can link an Access query right into an Excel sheet and then use all the graphic functionality in Excel.