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I made a table in access and now I am trying to make a form based on that. Even though I have used the maximum amount of space on the form, there is not nearly enough room for all of my fields. Can you please help me? Maybe with a software update? Surely it cannot be the case that you can have endless fields in the table, but not the associated form?


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@flyingdutchman1770 Having an "endless" number of fields in a table is often a sign for bad design. Please share more info about your table.

BTW The maximum number of fields in a table is 255.



A common mistake made by newcomers to Access is to create one enormous table the same way spreadsheets are created in Excel -- just keep adding new fields (columns in Excel) as you think of things you need to track. Here's a link to a series of blog articles discussing one aspect of the more common manifestation of... They include a method of correcting the problem.