Forms Get Stuck in Refresh Upon Clicking on Editable Fields (Windows 10 issue but works fine in 7)

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Background Info: 
I have a main form with subforms inside. A combo box is in the main form whose control is a query on two tables. The other subforms are based on two text boxes that hold GUIDs that are on the main form and are binded to the main form combo box. It should be noted that the subforms are tabular as well.

Every time I click an editable field (text box or combo box) for a record in one of the subforms, the cursor has the blue circle spinning endlessly like Access is refreshing the forms. Once the spinning starts, it does not stop and makes it near impossible to interact with the forms.


Somewhat of a Solution:

I disabled ctfmon.exe within services of Windows 10, and this fixed the problem in Access. However, disabling ctfmon.exe also caused searching in Windows 10 search bar to not work. This is not something I want to have happen...

What I Have Tried:
- Adjusted various properties on the subforms

- Disabled ctfmon.exe

Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you!

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your ctfmon.exe can be a malicious version. 


I tested your database but did not encounter any strange behavior. 


nice layout for the forms ;)


* The contactsform was not working because it is based on a non existing table.