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I'm upgrading an older ADP project from Access 2010 to Access 365.  I can see improvements in many areas over the last 14 years; but I can't believe some of the basic functionality that seems to be missing.

Why can't we specify titlebar and form border colors as form properties and in VBA code?  The default rusty-red access color is terrible for custom databases with clashing corporate color schemes.  There should be a simple way to override this; I can't find a solution on the internet other than hiding boarders (not an option).

I would like the Access team to address this shortcoming.  Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions for this?



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Can you attach a screenshot?

Hi @Harun24HR !

Honestly, the more I work in Access 365 I can't believe how bad the Access UI has gotten since 2010 on some VERY BASIC, fundamental things.  Just to name a few off the bat:


Custom Application Icon
- reverts to Microsoft Access icon in top left of application window.
- reverts to Microsoft Access icon for forms opened with acDialog option.  (popup forms)


The active window titlebar no longer highlights (changes to an alternate color/shade); this is very confusing for users who now find themselves using Ribbon items for the wrong open forms.  Guess which window is active in my screenshot... you can't!




Application titlebar colors and form border colors cannot be changed with the exception of changing the office theme.  And to add insult to injury, the office theme cannot be set on a specific database or even specific application.  So... want to use the Black theme for your ACCDB database - because the ugly Access rust color clashes with your colors; you can't even control that without changing all other office applications to Black.


Sigh... this is a complete mess; what's going on over at Microsoft?


Please forgive my venting.  It's been a long night.

@possumdelight This is form screenshot from my Access-365