First glimpse of the new charts coming to Access Desktop!

At Access Day last week, Michal Bar from the Access Team offered the world's first glimpse of the new modern chart controls coming to Access! Check it out at the 7:00 minute mark.
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Great - but couldn't you publish it somewhere else? I'm not on Facebook and will not be.

Guess we can't please everyone.  We are planning to make them available on our YouTube channel at some point soon - hopefully that will work for you.

Great! Many have chosen to do so.

Have a nice weekend.

New Chart Controls! I see even less incentive to try Power BI out.

At 27:55 in the video Michal says, "Access is added to the site" but that's no true; the list includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Hi Giorgio,


trust Michal! :) Access is in a kind of state of approval there and therefore not yet visible at the templates front page. You can see the currently available templates with this direct link.



Hi Giorgio,

The two are very different.  The new Access charts will be a great addition to the desktop product for simple visualizations on forms and reports without external dependencies.  PowerBI offers extremely powerful and flexible interactive data visualization tools far beyond that.  They both have their purposes.

Thanks Armen for organizing Access Day and sharing Michal's presentation. Exciting stuff!


I can't wait to get my hands on the new charting tools.