Filter Report based-on selection from Combo box in Access 2007

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Filter Report based-on selection from Combo box in Access 2007


Hi all!

I'm still learning VBA programming and Access Databases. I've been designing a database for Membership Tracking and have several tables in my database which I have tried to normalize. I'm stuck at a particular place in my design when I need to generate a report for a memberID and list all of his payments made month-wise and payment dues. 


I have a table called tblSubscriptions which has a date field column showing the date at which a particular payment was made by a member. What I would like to do, is to place 2 combo boxes on a form  , one to select the MemberID and the other for the month (Jan to Dec). The user would select the MemberID from one combo box and a month from the other combo box to filter a report for payments made for the selected month of the particular memberID in question.


I tried to do this by the Macro Builder, but could not go beyond a particular step and don't know how I would achieve this functionality. I tried to understand how to do this from a lot of resources on the net, but got confused as there are several methods to achieve this.


Could anyone guide me how to achieve this functionality either on the After Update event of the combo box ?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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