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FileLock with December Office365 Update

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Microsoft introduced a Bug into Access with the December update to Office365. This is a file locking bug that is preventing writing to a back end shared database using VB code and recordsets. This has now crashed a major custom application of mine and I have not been able to figure a way around this. While the backend database has not corrupted users trying to update records in the front end are not able to do record saves especially when it involves calling and updating multiple recordsets. I know I am not the only one experiencing this issue since it is now reported on the FMS web site. 

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Same issue here.

@aorden Microsoft has released a fix for this bug, which apparently isn't 100% effective for everyone.

"Note: If you are using Distributed File System Namespaces (DFS Namespaces overview | Microsoft Docs) to redirect a folder that contains an Access database, you will still see the issue that you cannot open the database for shared use, even with the fixed update.
You should use the direct path to the database to allow shared usage."


More details are available here.