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Hello All,


I have a database I created in 20011 to track sales of music and distribute the royalties to the artists.

Since then I have imported millions of records into the data file for one of the companies I work with.  The database is split between the data file and the Forms and reports file.  All is working well and my business is successful.  


Here's the problem that comes with the success.  When track sales reach about 7 million records I reach the 2 gigabyte limit on the data file.  I have to Archive a year or two of data and we don't have it available for review.  


Should I provide a little more information to get help here?  There are 22 fields in the track sales details table.  One is Long Text and the rest are either Yes/No, Short Text, Date, or Number fields.  There are currently 4 million+ records, and the incremental ID code for that table is over 17 million.


I think the $3,200 for SQL Server is a little out of my range.  I'm thinking of adding archive tables that I can access from my main Forms and Reports database.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for your input.



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If the fully licensed version of SQL Server is not within your budget, you might consider, as an alternative, the free version: SQL Server Express.



@George Hepworth 

Thanks so much George,  I'll give it a shot.  Looks like the limit on SQL Server Express is 10GB.  

Roughly 5 times the size of an ACE back end, yes.