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I have a database with a main form and several subforms, one of my subforms keeps randomly populating fields when data is entered into another field. Both fields are drop downs and are not linked in any way other than being in the same form. 

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It's impossible to guess what might be happening from the overview provided.

It can't be random, but without seeing the actual process in action, and having a good description of the context, we could only guess.


There are a few ways to complete the picture. One of those would be a sample database with just enough sample data to see the problem. Another would be screen shots.

Thanks in advance.

@George Hepworth in this screenshot if I select any choice in R Pupil Rxn the Cardiovascular description populates. 


These are the field properties



If I try to save the database with only this form the problem goes away, it will also occasionally go away if I compact and repair but it always comes back the next time you open the database.



One possibility is that the action of selecting a value in that combo box for R Pupil Rxn initiates a new record. That then populates the other dropdown, Description with a default value for new records, i.e. "Regular".


Does the same thing happen on existing records?

@George Hepworth It happens on both existing and new records.

That means something in either a macro or a VBA procedure is setting it. Search for references to that control in the VBA and/or in the macros.