Fetching data at regular intervals from a a Query

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There is this Virtual windows that I login and i usually click on a rewritten Query and it offers me a table of the results.


What I have in mind is :

1-Have a Query that runs say every minute and outputs the result into a Table.

2-Hook up Bi Report to read the data and put that up on a dashboard.


What I need help from you is Regarding #1.

How is this achievable ? do I need to run a VB that runs the Query every minute ?

Is there an easier way ?

I tried to look for finding out the Version of Access but could not find any details.


Please let me know your thoughts.




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"...There is this Virtual windows that I login..."

Are you talking about a Virtual Machine running the Windows Operating System?

".. i usually click on a rewritten Query" 

Please elaborate on what that looks like. What does it mean to say you "click on a rewritten Query"? What is a "rewritten Query" and how does that differ from just an ordinary query? Where is that query? I assume it must be in an Access accdb?  How do you find it to click on it? Do you open the accdb and click it in the Navigation Pane? Or....?


For the rest of your questions, the answer is that you certainly can write code which runs an append or update query at regular intervals. The details are, of course, far more complicated than one could guess at from this overview. 


In general, though, you can open a form with a timer on it. Set the Timer interval to 1000, which is the equivalent of 1,000 milliseconds, or 1 second. In the On Timer event write the code to run your query each time the timer reaches 1 second.  That seems very, very, frequent to me, but only you know the reason for doing it in your environment.




You can find the Access version under File-->Account.





Yes VM running windows I will try it tomorrow and give that a try. Thank you