Extra Tables?

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I have recently experienced every time I create a new database in Access I see 5 new tables that are supposed to be hidden, I can open them, but I cannot delete them. Is this something new in Access or have I got a virus?


Thank you in advance!


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I suspect I probably know what is going on, but without your confirmation of the names of those tables (and also, confirmation that they are the same tables every time), it would just be a guess. 


Wow thank you for your reply, George! How shall I deliver it or copy and paste or screen shot?
A screen shot will do. If I'm right (and there's always the chance I'm not) you are seeing the system tables which are in every accdb. They start out MSysxxxxx. However, I always prefer to work from concrete information when possible.


Possibly these 6 tables?



That's what my guess is too.
tables with names starting on Msys are system tables.
access create them if necessary.
Yes, that's what Colin and I are suggesting, pending confirmation from the OP, of course, that the tables in question are, in fact, this type of table.
Yes that is what I am seeing. OK then , I have only recently seen these pop up. So you would think the default would be hidden from view so as not to distract the novice (me) from asking such questions. You cleared it up for me Thanks!
Thanks for the confirmation!

@Bible_Tech Okay, we've confirmed that what you are seeing are the system tables needed in an accdb.

Why are they visible? That's the next question.


Look here:



You'll find that the Display Options check box for "Show System Objects" is checked. Uncheck it and the "Show Hidden Objects" checkbox. I always like to show the Search Bar when developing.


The default is indeed for the system tables to be hidden BUT it is an application-wide setting.
In other words, if you set hidden or system tables visible in one Access database, that setting will apply to all other databases. Hide them in one database & they remain hidden in all other databases