export table with ODBC to MySQL crashes

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I have 2 PC's : one old HP Pavillon, 1 new MS Surface

with same configuration : W10 - MS-Access - Wampserver with local MySQL

connection to MySQL with PhpAdmin is OK on both, same privileges


when I try to export a table from MS-Access to MySQL with ODBC (port 3306, user=root, pw blank)

- it works on my HP Pavillon

- it crashes with my MS Surface:

  . with option 'test', I receive the msg 'connexion successfull'

  . when clicking 'OK', the process seems to run for a few seconds, then stops and MS-Access closes

  . the log file 'myodbc.sql' is created but is empty


any suggestion ?

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add info :
my user 'root'@localhost has 'lock table' privilege unchecked
is this the reason of the crash ?
when i try to check 'lock table' privilege, i receive this error msg
#1045 acces denied for user r 'root'@localhost '(using pw NO)
please, help !
add info:

I re-installed Wampserver with full MySQL privileges.
MS-Access still crashes when exporting a table via ODBC, despite Test result is "OK".
Crash occurs with my MS Surface and not with my HP Pavillon, although the MS-Access and WampServer are strictly the same.
Could the problem be linked with any SMS-Surface configuration issue ?