Export into CSV file from Access query

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I have no deep experience on MSO365 ACCESS nor I am experient in Makro programming.


I have the following problem

I have a database with direct debit with different value days. I select the relevant direct deits using a Access query per value day. The query result must by exported into a CSV-file. I am failed several times on using the recomended export manager. 

Export to EXCEL and text files in Windows standard or Unicode is furnctioning but the results are not in the shape for a CSV-file. EXCEL and Text files must be converted to CSV afterwards. Also I can create correct CSV files from whole database correctly.


What I have to do for creation of CSV-files for preselected database records (by value dates) using a query? 


Thanks in advance for your valuable hints




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another approach:
Export your Query first to Excel file.
Open the created excel file and save it as CSV file.

Hello @arnel_gp 


Thanks for the advice. I know this approach,  but the goal is running the query and export directly into a CSV file.

The query requesting the value day to export before execution but in case of using the export assistant this request will ot appaer.



maybe use Form to fetch the "parameter date".
once the date is entered. you create/update a query that will hard-code the date into the query.
then use this new query for your export.
the above can only be done through form and vba (creating/updating a query using querydef).