Excel macro runs 1/12th as fast when run from Access

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I have a macro that I've written to "reformat" some data in Excel (not font types and colors and such, but how the data is laid out in the spreadsheet). I found a macro that records how long it takes a macro to run, and that macro consistently runs for about 30 seconds.


The problem is that the reason I'm reformatting the data is to import into Access, and I don't want my users to have to have intimate knowledge of Access or Excel to reformat the data and import it into the Access database. Thus, I've created a form with a button that allows the user to select a file from a dialog box, and then the macro runs on that file.


And for some reason, when done this way, the macro takes upwards of 6 minutes.


I don't know if it would be helpful to post the code of the macro here, or if there's some generic advice that will help. I just can't imagine why this increase in run-time is happening.

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@jamesson_kaupanger Well Excel Automation is not that fast...thats a fact...try hiding the Excel while performing the manipulation...this should help in performance..




Turning ScreenUpdate off doesn't seem to help, at least not much.