Errors Transferring MS Access Database from 2016 to 365 (Separate Hard-Drives)

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We are a library and our database is currently on Microsoft Access 2016.  We recently upgraded our PC, including cloning our HDD (Microsoft Office 2016) to a new SSD (Microsoft 365). Everything works just fine, except for our very important Access Database. Since this database was created 20 years ago, I cannot consult the individual who made it.


When opening the access database on the new SSD. I am met with the error "The Active content in this file is blocked. Review your Trust Center settings or contact your IT administrator" . After clicking OK I am able to see my database, but am unable to see the options to make changes.


Can you please help me get this Access Database working on the new SSD / Microsoft 365, From the old SSD / Office 2016?? 


Thank you!!!

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> Review your Trust Center settings
That means in Access > File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Locations: add the folder where the app is located (presumably on your C-drive).
Thank you.

Now i am able to open the database without the error popup.

However, I do have another issue now. On the old HDD, there were 2 shortcuts that opened MS Access for a particular workgroup (administrator, librarian) and then you enter a logon and a password. Now on the new SSD, the shortcuts are not available and when I open the access database, I am not prompted to log on to a particular workgroup.

Is there a way to log on to a particular workgroup from within Access? I am used to double clicking a shortcut and having the logon and password window greet me. I have a list of the logon usernames and passwords, yet I just need to find a way to log on. Thanks!
Someone, possibly the developer who created the original Access relational databae application, also s created those shortcuts for you on the original computer. They should still be there. Find and copy them to the new location.