#Error on New Record

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Experts, I am trying to get rid of the #error on the new row in my datasheet (pic below).  

I am using this formula:

=iif(IsError(DLookUp("[Rate]","qryPricingNow","[ProjID]=" & [ProjID])),"",DLookUp("[Rate]","qryPricingNow","[ProjID]=" & [ProjID])


However, the #Error still shows on the new record line

Not sure if my approach is correct?


here is qryPricing if needed:

SELECT tblPricing.ID, tblPricing.ProjID, tblPricing.Rate, tblPricing.PeriodID, tblDates.DateStart, tblDates.DateEnd, tblDates.NameOfDate
FROM tblPricing INNER JOIN tblDates ON tblPricing.PeriodID = tblDates.ID
WHERE (((tblDates.DateStart) Between Date() And (tblDates.DateStart)<[DateEnd]));


thank you

Tony2021_0-1651110594322.png#error is on the new record


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try this:

=DLookUp("[Rate]","qryPricingNow","[ProjID]=" & Nz([ProjID], 0))
Perfect! Much cleaner too. thank you very much.