Error: Cannot open any more databases

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Getting this error all of a sudden on FOUR different MS Access databases on four different computers.  On one computer I uninstalled Windows updates and did an Office repair.  Is there any information about this.


I can safely say that it is not related to file locking or open and closing recordsets.  No changes were made to the system that I got the error to go away by unstalling the Windows updates.

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Thank you Karl!

On my own machine I think I was able to solve the problem by uninstalling updates. I believe that is consistent with the fix in your link. I can't believe that Microsoft does not have a fix for this.

@Gordon Hertzman A recent Office patch has changed the behavior of databases that are not in a 'Trusted Location'. Make the database location a 'Trusted Location' and it should fix this issue.

Thank NiteOwl I will definitely try this!
it worked for me. Thank you very much @NiteOwl