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Hello to everyone.


I haven't used MS Access for things other than database management in over 10 years. Recently, I've found the need to create some data management forms for different projects. Therefore, I apologize if my question seems simple and old, but I have failed to find videos/tutorials explaining what I'm looking for specifically.


The idea is to have a form for different users to enter their respective information. When first entered, ALL of these forms will be incomplete due to the nature of the associated processes. What I'd like is for the users to be able to lookup the forms they had filled out originally and complete them whenever they acquire the missing information.


Each form would have a way to be identified in a unique fashion using the workplace's ID system, so that part is a non-issue.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You would define what "complete" means, and then bind the form to a query that selects the incomplete ones.
for example: select * from Orders where OrderTakerID = [the-logged-in-user]
and SomeField is null or SomeOtherField is null or SomeThirdField is null
Sure, but I'm looking for a step-by-step guide on how to do so.
Unfortunately, not a lot of people are going to have time to make a step-by-step.

The short-version is to create a form, and in the properties sheet, set the record source to either an updateable query, or a table.

From there, you click on Form Design/Add Existing Fields and place those fields where you want them. Now the form is linked to the underlying data, and changes are saved "Live". Other users will also see the changes.

To return to a SPECIFIC record, I typically have a separate search form to find results, and then click to open that record in the second form.



You can find lots of good resources on various aspects of Access relational database application design on the internet. However, YOUR application will be unique to YOUR requirements. Therefore, a "step-by-step" guide would necessarily entail working through hours of requirements gathering with you to determine what it is you need. Followed by many hour hours of discussion on design and functionality of the interface, as well as the logic required to make it all function appropriately. 


For developers who earn a living doing those things for clients, it would be very difficult indeed to provide such a step-by-step guide in an online forum. 

But the good news is, as I noted, there are lots and lots of resources on the internet for things like table and interface design which you could study and emulate.


If you get to a place where you are stuck on one task or feature, a question here or on one of the other forums could help you resolve that specific problem, though.