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Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to MS Access, stuck with below challenge with framing an expression. Please help.


Table: SiteLogT

Contains income/expense of a project datewise



Query: I am trying to query the Projects (unique lines), along with a custom expression to sum the income and expense in separate columns


Currently the query results the sum of total amount, with respect to Income/Expense, but not corresponding to the Project.


I know my expressions are only considering the condition whether it is income/expense but not corresponding to the project ID associated with it. Please help me reframe my expression to result only the income/expense subjective to the unique project IDs.


my current Expression:

Income: format(DSum("Amount","SiteLogT","LogType='Income'"),"₹00,000.00")

Expense: format(DSum("Amount","SiteLogT","LogType='Expense'"),"₹00,000.00")


Many thanks,


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If SiteLogT is the name of the table in question (as it appears in the screenshot),

then you can try this:


SELECT ProjID, Sum(Iif([LogType] = "Income", [Amount],0) AS IncomePerProject, Sum(Iif([LogType] = "Expense", [Amount],0) as ExpensePerProject


Group By ProjID

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Hi @George Hepworth,


That worked, many thanks. You gave me the spark to ignite the fire in me :)

Until next time.