Doubts about Access Office 365

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I'm not a regular user of Access, but as I understand, there is no online version of access, just the Desktop version for Windows. What I would like to know is the following:


  1. If Access has the capability to be modify in real time Co-Authoring with other users?, just as the other office online apps. (by uploading it to OneDrive or SharePoint)
  2. Is it compatible with SharePoint?, as what I have tried, in OneDrive if you uploaded it and share it with other coworker, the other person would need to download the file and then have  MS Access instaled so that it can be viewed, I would like to know if this would be the same for SharePoint as I suggest.
  3. If I share it with another user in OneDrive, if the user starts editing the DB, would the DB file in the desktop app would be saved automatically and synchronize the changes in OneDrive?, so that when the original person that share the file starts working in the DB again, he would see the last add-ins that the other person did? (Also, in case that this doesn't works, what would be the appropiate thing to do to save the same file with the new changes to OneDrive so that it doesn't create copies?)


Hope you can help me and in case you have other resources like videos where I can see this in action, it would also be helpful! :lol:

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@Devryk  All of your questions are addressed here. Rather than rehash them in this forum, why don't you follow up there if you have any additional questions.