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I have a form and a click event on a field that opens another form based on the Me.DDNo (double format).

I need to modify it to open frmPmtProposalALL for taking into account decimals.  Little hard to explain but here is an example:





If I am on a record of DDNo = 7 I also want it to open records with DDNo = 7.1.  

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmPmtProposalALL", , , "DDNo =" & Me.txtDDNo

How would I adjust the above? Not sure if its a "like"?  

thank you very much!

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@Tony2021 It depends, in part, on the datatype of this field in the table. It is, I understand, a double ( number which includes decimals to a specified precision).


That means Like as an operator is not appropriate. Like is used with Text, or String, values.


You can include any number with 7 as the whole number and ANY decimal amount by using a type conversion function to coerce these values:


DoCmd.OpenForm "frmPmtProposalALL", , , "Clng(DDNo) =" & Me.txtDDNo


should do it. Please try that and report back if it works as required.


Perfect George. thank you. Works like a charm.
Hi George, I have a follow up.
I noticed that if for example I am on
txtDDNo = 7 then it will include 7 and 7.1
txtDDNo = 7.1 then the form opens with null. Meaning the recordset is neither 7 or 7.1. Form opens null.

do you have a suggestion? thank you
you may also try:

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmPmtProposalALL", , , "DDNo >= " & Me.txtDDNo & " And DDNo < " & CLng(Me.txtDDNo) + 1
Hi Arnel,

thank you for the response. Do you have another idea? It didnt filter for any records. The form that opened on the Click event opened but there were no records. I re-checked the names and they are accurate. Format for DDNo is number, double.

thank you for the help
Arnel, sorry I had a refresh issue. It works great! thank you to you both. Happy New Year!



Actually, it seems like I did need to modify it.  I had a subtract .1 to pick up a record less than...meaning if I am on a record Me.txtDDNo = 7.1, the form that loads on the dbl click event would not load Me.txtDDNo = 7 unless I added -.1  It seems to work in my testing.  thank you once again to both. 


DoCmd.OpenForm "frmPmtProposalALL", , , "DDNo >= " & Me.txtDDNo & " -.1 And DDNo < " & CLng(Me.txtDDNo ) + 1