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I'm having issues with MSAccess and Display Resolution. I have a Lenovo Laptop that has a Display capability of 3840x2160 and when I set the Scale to the recommended 250% MSAccess stops working. Meaning I cannot adjust the columns any more the left-right arrow to adjust never appears. As soon as I change the Scale down to 150% then everything starts working again but the text is too small to read.

I am also using an extended SamSung monitor with a capability of 3840x2160.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm new to this Community so be gentle... :) 

Sorry I'm using:

Microsoft Access for Microsoft 365 (Version 2111 Build 16.0.14701.20254) 64-bit


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Are you using tabbed document display or overlapping windows display in Access?

Access forms can never by wider than 22.75 inches and so aren't really designed for high resolution monitors
It may be that when you increase the scaling factor to 250% that the forms would (if it were allowed) exceed that value & that this is causing Access to 'freeze'

You may need to reduce the original forms widths in design view.

It is possible that using automatic form resizing (AFR) would solve your problems that that isn't really a topic for beginners. Nevertheless you could have a look at my 3-part article on AFR at
Try downloading the example app and see how it responds at each of the scaling factors.

However although I've used AFR for almost 20 years, none of my monitors has a resolution anything like that high to test with.

Hey, I never thought about the resolution and how it effects the form size but it makes sense. I changed over to my other computer that has normal Res and everything is working properly again.
Even my TABs are working a lot better. Can't thank you enough! It's been 20 year since I did anything this technical in Access and to find that a gaming monitor can throw you off your game doesn't make it any easier. But anyway Thanks for your help!