Databricks with Simba spark ODBC dsn

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I am using the Simba Spark ODBC driver to create a dsn to connect to a Databricks instance. When tested, it passes. When I go in to Access to link to the data, Access is only pulling a subset of the available tables and views. If I try to attach Databricks to Excel, using the same dsn, it returns all schemas, views and tables. Any help would be appreciated getting Access to work correcctly.

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As a test, since you know the tables, use Database.CreateTabledef to create one of the "missing" ones. Does it work?

@Tom_van_Stiphout no luck. Access can't find the tables. Oddly, if I attempt to connect to the Databricks data using the same ODBC dsn using Excel, it works perfectly.

Yeah, you mentioned Excel in first instance.
Do you have a link to Databricks and to the ODBC driver?
What exact version of Access (File > Account) are you using?
Access is Office 365. I can't give you links to the data/ODEBC, unfortunately. Driver is the latest Simba Spark version.
Well, then this thread ends here for me.
Maybe someone else is interested in chasing this down. Seems unlikely without more information from the OP.