Database to create yoga and pilates classes from lists of sequences and poses

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I am creating a database for our yoga business. To help us create great classes.

I have made some lists of yoga poses, pilates poses, other poses.

I also have a list for sequences (a selection of poses) and classes (a selection of sequences).


I have created some junction tables to allow many to many relationships.


A sequence could contain many poses and a pose could be used in many sequences.  Likewise with classes.  A sequence would be used in many classes and a class would contain many sequences.


I also have more details about the poses, sequences and classes in each list, such as level, duration, link to video etc.


So I want to create a form for Sequence whereby I create a sequence for example Cat Cow Sequence and then select the poses to add to that sequence.  For this example it would be 


Cat Pose

Cow Pose


Then when I have this sequence created I would want to create a class using a load of sequences but this example


Cat Cow Class


Cat Cow

Cat Cow

Cat Cow

Cat Cow


Obviously in reality it would be lots of different sequences.


When I create a form and sub form I can't select from predefined lists of poses just keep creating new ones and then I try and google for help and end up watching hours of videos and getting more lost.


Help appreciated.





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This tutorial was helpful but still not working for me.


Problem is when he is creating the query for subform he has things linked to a customer form at top.


I am just trying to do something that should be simple.


Create a sequence and add into that sequence a load of yoga poses using a combo box.


Once I have done this I guess I can repeat the logic to create a classes form and then use a combo box to add a load of sequences to a class.


Feels like I am wasting hours on something that must be so simple.


Thanks in advance.