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I am trying to create a database that will allow me to keep careful track of all the movies I own, and other audio visual stuff like records. I have been looking but the only template I found doesn't do what I am looking for; mainly because it is just a spreadsheet.

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What is your level of experience creating relational database applications in the past? Do you feel comfortable modifying an existing sample accdb to suit your needs?


I can share an Access relational database application which is used to capture information about books, which is not all that dissimilar from movies in most respects. It would, obviously, require adaptation.



So, what do you expect from us? You say you found something that "doesn't do what I am looking for". We do not know what you are looking for. What data do you want to store about movies? Actors, directors, ......


my experience level might as well be zero. As in I only know the things that interest me and for the most part that doesn't usually include things on computers. That being said I do like to organize my interests as it were. 

As to adapting what you are talking about, I wouldn't know if it would work unless I was looking at it. I must say that I do have a knack for making things work if they are close to what I am looking for.

I'm just looking for some help to either make what I need or find something that will work. what i found is a spreadsheet that, yes, would keep track of what I want it to. But it would not be a searchable or organizable, or reorganizable thing without having to basically rewrite it each time it changed.
"What data do you want to store about movies? Actors, directors, ......"
Yes that is the type of database I would want. but I don't expect people to do the work for me, nor would I want them to. That being said, I would appreciate any help I can get


Thank you. That suggests you wouldn't get much useful out  of this sample relational database application. Unfortunately, the kinds of skills and knowledge required won't be picked up right away.


I suggest you start with the basic principles of relational database design, or Normalization. 
The videos in this playlist are probably a good starting point.

Ok, well I had to ask, and I will look at those in the next couple days.
Thank you.
If you invest time and effort into learning how relational databases work and learn how to do it properly, it can be very rewarding. Good luck and remember, when you encounter specific issues that CAN be addressed in a forum like this, many experienced developers are willing to help.