Creating and navigating a temporary record set.

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Hello all,

I have a table (tblMembCars) of members vehicle details. Primary key field in this table is CarID (number/no duplicates). A second field containing the members ID number in a field called MembID (number/duplicates OK). This members ID number is the primary key in a number of other tables.

The form (frmMemCars) for displaying this data has next and previous navigation buttons for displaying a members different vehicles if he has more than 1. This form is a subform of the members form (frmMembers) which contains the members ID number. I am trying to limit the navigation  controls to that members cars only. I was thinking if I could create a temporary record set containing only that members car records and navigate back and forth through them only.

I know what I want to achieve but I am at a loss as to how to go about this.

Would it make things easier if I was to swap the primary key in this table (tblMembCars) from CarID to MembID?

Thanks in advance.



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I think what you might be missing (assuming I'm following the gist of the problem accurately) is the Parent/Child linking fields on the Main Form to coordinate the records on the subform.

I have a demo database which illustrates this on my Website.





Hi George,
Thanks for that.
Creating relationships was something I had forgotten about. from 18 years ago. There is so much I have to re-learn.
Now all I have to do is limit the navigation to the number of cars that member has. I have done a query that shows the duplicates but I have to work out to use that data.
Luckily, I am in no hurry to get this done. A target of 12 months has been set to get it right.