Creating a table with pre-determined choices

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Here is what I would like to do:

I need to be able to choose from a drop-down list of predetermined ip addresses within a certain range, when creating new entries in a table. So the fields in the table would be date, time, name, address but also an ip address. The ip address could be the key and could exist as another table on its own, but how can i create only certain ip addresses that can be chosen in a certain format, like through and also like though So I would have 510 total entries if all the ip addresses were allocated? Maybe I'm not explaining this clearly. Please set me in the right direction.




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The technique you need is commonly referred to as "Cascading Combo Boxes", which can be as few as two combo boxes, up to several, depending on the number of sub categories.


Here, you need two, it appears. The first would be used to select the range you want, such as through although you didn't mention how that range might be the one you need. You'll need some method of identifying each such range. When you select that range in the "upstream" combo box, the After_Update event of that control requeries the "downstream" combo box, which is filtered to show only the specific IP addresses pertaining to that range.

For an example of such combo boxes in action, see the sample demo on my website.


Thanks for the help. I'll check out your website.