create Appointment Item in MS Outlook Calendar from Button in MS Access

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I am pretty new to Microsoft Access but find it really useful to keep my client contacts info, project info and invoices in line. I am trying to create a new leads database to keep track of my pipeline. I enter new inquiry info into tables using forms. I would then like to create Appointment Item in MS Outlook Calendar from Button in MS Access. It is just a single appointment going to my own calendar, based on filling in a form that look like this (see image below). Most of the information will populate automatically when I enter the EnquiryID, but I would like to enter the date, time and subject and then save it as an appointment into my own Outlook Calendar to remind me to do a follow up call on a certain date. Has anyone done anything similar?


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Hello Julie,
I have done this in Access with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), but that probably exceeds your scope as you are pretty new to Access. Nevertheless, let me know if you would try to set this up with VBA.

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Hi @Tieme Woldman ,

I would really appreciate it if you could set this up with VBA. I have tried myself by cutting and pasting similar codes I have found without success. I have not used VBA before and may have missed some of the main steps.





Hello Julie,


I created an Access application for this, but I can not send Access files through this community. Do you have a regular mail address where I can send the Access file to? Maybe you can send the mail address to me in a direct message.


Short explanation

The application creates an Outlook-appointment on clicking the Add To Outlook button. Below an example of the form:




After filling the form and clicking the button the appointment appears in Outlook:




And if you open the appointment you see the details:




I hope you can incorporate the VBA-code and form functionality of my application into your application. The VBA-code is in the module modAppointment. And in the form you need to connect the click-event of the button to the cmdAddToOutlook_Click subroutine in the VBA-form module (Form_Action).


If this does not work out for you, maybe you could send me your application and I will incorporate the functionality. But that depends on the security policies of your organization.


Good luck and feel free to contact me for any further questions.


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Hi Tieme,
I have just sent you me direct email.
Dear Tieme,
I'm working on something similar.
Could you please share your vba code with me. I've sent you a PM with my email address.
Dear all can you help me too, I have a series of field already in a schedule table I want to share in a shared outlook calendar