Create an installment due range for installment payments

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Hi all, I am at my wits' end, trying to create a report on an estimate of income for six months, and Access, gives me $0.00.  Please any suggestions.


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My suggestion is that you provide much more detail.

Include in your response:
The categories and types of income involved.
The actual values being used in the estimate.
The algorithm you want to implement to create the estimate.

@George Hepworth Thanks so much for your email.


We are an institute, so one of the fields in Access is the student ID, followed by Application fees, materials/resources, Initial Deposit and then a break-down of instalments with due dates to be paid, and then, dates that were paid.  I used to be able to create a report which would show the estimate of all students from 01/06/2023 till 31/12/2023.  I do what I used to do, and it gives, an estimate of $0.00.  I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Please help if you can.  It would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, I can't "see" what you see. We only know what you include in these posts. So far we know that you somehow "break-down installments". That's not sufficient to be able to offer useful suggestions.

When I asked for actual values and algorithms, I meant things like the actual initial deposits for a number of students, for example, by dollar amount and date paid. Without that detail, it's impossible to guess what the errors might be. Best of all is a copy of the accdb with just enough data to illustrate what is needed. Remove Personally Identifiable Information, but provide realistic values.

Thank you.