Connecting Outlook Calendar to Access Database

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Is anyone able to help me with linking my outlook shared calendar to a access database?

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Unfortunately, your question has lingered with no response for a few days, primarily, I think, because of the lack of specificity. "linking an Outlook shared calender to a relational database application in Access" is a fairly complex undertaking, one that requires a lot of information and some amount of coding skill, most likely. 


If you've not found a solution and still want assistance, please describe, in more detail, the context in which this will need to be done and the business rules that determine what "linking" to that calendar will involve.

I spoke too soon. Linking an Outlook calender is actually one of the options under "External Data" in the Ribbon.. Step through the Wizard to find the calender folder you want and link it. It will then appear as a table in your Access relational database application.