Connecting MS Access to MS Outlook Calendar - MS Outlook calendar to automatically generate event

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In short, I am building a holiday planner, which all the employees within my department are to use.
I want to build such functionality in MS Access that, whenever I have approved a holiday, i.e. the approved time period goes into table X, Columns Y and Z, which columns are date columns. I want to extract the time period columns Y and Z form and automatically generate an event in the MS Outlook calendar, which states the employee name from the employee table and the time period they are to be absent.

For this I need MS Outlook to extract the data from MS Access.


Do you guys have a suggestion how this may happen?

P.s. Also I want the calendar I made in MS Outlook to check the table once every 24h and for every new row in table X I want it to create a new event automatically and delete the relevent event if the row is delete

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