Combo box does not find record on form

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After copying my database to another user's laptop (Access Professional Plus 2013) some of the drop lists designed to find a record on the form no longer do so.  The combo box at the top of the form continues to work properly on my Windows 11, Office 365 laptop as it did when I had Office 10, Access 2013, etc.  I'm wondering if there are administrative actions that might be taken by the equipment owner that would result in the non-functioning combo box.


The combo box/droplist was created with the Access wizard and resulted in a macro that searches for the first record on the form where="[IDperson] = " & Str(Nz([Screen].[ActiveControl],0))

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Let's start with the background to the situation.

These dropdowns have as their recordsource, I assume, production tables such as "customer" or "project' or "sales". You can actually see the records in the combo box, but the code that is supposed to move the form's focus to that record in the table doesn't result in that change.


Does the code even fire on the second laptop?  You created a macro, not VBA, which makes it a lot harder to trouble-shoot. You can try stepping through the macro, though, to see if you can identify something useful.


On the second laptop, is Trusted Locations enabled for the folder where the accdb is located? If not, got to the Trust Center and indicate where the accdb is as a Trusted Location.

1. Yes, re recordsource (tbl_Persons). Yes, combo box is populated appropriately. Yes, focus fails to move to selected record.

2. I don't know if the code fires, I will look into that. BTW, if there is an easy way to convert macros into VBA I would gladly do that.

3. Trusted Location was enabled upon initial bootup of database on second laptop.



Yes, you can convert macros to VBA, although it's quite rudimentary.



You can then step through the VBA to see what is happening at each step of the code.




did you get a "Yellow" band, Trusted Location warning?
until you put the db on Trusted location, all macro/vba are disabled.
It was established as a Trusted Location, and I am quite sure most of the macros/VBA are functioning properly.
The only other thing that I can think of is that the AfterUpdate event of the combo box has lost its code, which would have been that macro.
Thanks, I will check