Check Box to archive items on a form, that has a list used in a combo box in main form.

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Hello everyone,


I have a main form with a combo box for employees to select their option they need for that record.  On the "Sub" form that feeds this comb box, I have a field with a check box option that I want to be an archive.  I would like for the employees to archive items they no longer want to select from in the combo box in this other form by simply checking the box, and be able to uncheck the box when they want to add it back into the combo box for selection when needed again.  All help appreciated, thank you.




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SHow us the table please. Screenshots are nice, but not sufficient.
I was able to solve my issue. I should have updated this. Thank you though. I made a new column in SQL server as "Archive" "Bit". then once link refreshed in Access, i added a WHERE statement to filter out based on a 0 or 1.