Changing the thumbnail image in my visual link on SWAY

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I'm finding on almost EVERY sway i create, the thumbnail image which is autoselected for me is a random one within the document as opposed the first slide (which is what I want) or at least an image i can select.


I have read up on this but can't find anything to show how you select the image you want for the thumbnail.


Help?? :)

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Unfortunately, this forum can't be of help to you on a meaningful level. That's because the subject of this Forum, Access, is the Office application used to create relational database applications. We are experts on Access, but most of us have only marginal exposure to SWAY and little to no experience.


Find a different forum, one dedicated to support of the product with which you are working. Start with SharePoint since SWAY is found in that environment.

Best of luck in finding a solution to your problem.

@George Hepworth thanks for letting me know 


Here is the Sway link, since the tech community is not clearly laid out:


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Access DevCon