Cannot open database created in 2000Pro

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We are an Office 365 user.  Mostly use Word, Excel, and Access. For many years we've shared an Access name and address database via ethernet cable on local network of two computers.  Last Thursday, Access lost the map to the db and stopped opening the database.  It seemed the db was lost.  But we foundi it in the 2000 version.  Now I can open the database, but only on one computer using 2000 pro.  We need the availablilty restored on both 365 computers.  How can that happen?  Who can do it?

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@RevKevUnfortunately, the file format for Access was changed and the older versions, such as 2000, need to be converted for use in later versions. One would have to use Access 2003, I believe, to convert that Access 2000 mdb to be used in Access 2003 or newer versions.


You'd have to install the 2003 version of Access yourself (if you can even find it still), or it may be possible to find someone willing to do that for you, but you'd have to share it.