Can't export a table from access #3

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Hello community,


I can't export a big table (>2,6 million record) from Access. I recieve an error message:

The Mircosoft Database Engine can't find the object 'xxxxxx#txt'. The point in the extension is replaced by a '#'.

What's wrong?


(Try #3)

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How are you trying to export the data exactly? Can you give us repo steps please.
Hello Daniel, I tried several thing. First, the table is large, > 2.6 million records. I choose for export > textfile and than I take the standard location on my local disc, and the standard name that ends with . txt. Than I choose for separated fields (;), and fieldnames in the first row. Than I say 'next' and "voltooien" (Dutch for 'complete'? OK?). After that, the error message occurs. In that, the name of the file ends with #txt instead of #.txt. 'The Database-engine can't find the object', it sais.

Any clues so far?


Exporting smaller tables to .txt goes well, so I think that the problem is in the size of the table (>2,6 million records). I'm using the Dutch version of Office (nl nl), maybe the problem is only in this version (?)