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I am hoping someone can advise.  I've been out of the database development scene for years but now need to get back into it.  We have a family business, mechanic workshop.
Having searched for what we want we decided it would be best for me to create our own database using MS Access in Office 365.

Firstly we have a customer base, I want to be able to type in the registration of the vehicle and for it to look up the information from the DVLA.  I have found the API code but have no idea how to implement it.
I am also needing a calendar which I can use to book time out to customers so we have a schedule of what jobs we have on each week!
If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you

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Check out this video in which JuanJo Luna explains using APIs in VBA. It should get you off the ground.


There are many calendar type sample databases around,although I don't have a link to one at hand. A good BinGoogle search, though, should turn up several possibilities.


Once you get going, you can follow up with specific questions about specific issues.


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Thank you but I cant follow that video, it jumps all over the place and mostly in Spanish so I cant tell whats going on :(