Bugs in ACCESS subforms

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In Microsoft 365 ACCESS, I tried to use a wizard to create a combo box on a main form and a subform. The wizard started successfully on the main form, but the wizard does not start on the subform. Use Control Wizard is turned on. It wasn't updated by the guidance of Microsoft's chat support. The same phenomenon occurred even if I tried it on another PC with the same account. If you operate the file on a PC with another ACCESS 2016, the wizard will start without any problem. Please let me know if you know how to solve the problem.

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just open the Subform (not the Mainform/Subform) in design view and add the Control there.

@arnel_gp その方法は理解してます。今回はコンボボックスのウィザードがサブフォームで起動しないことについて解決法をまとめています。

@mi_sa335 自己解決しました。返答くださった方ありがとうございました。