bonjour access n'ouvre pas mes fichiers

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Bonjour, j'ai souscrit un abonnement à office 365, access refuse d'ouvrir mes documents access 2019...  il marque fichier incompatible

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Some questions
1. Does the app open successfully in earlier versions of Access? If not, it may be corrupted.
If it does run in older Access then it may contain features no longer supported such as pivot tables...though I would still expect it to be otherwise useable.
2. Is the file ACCDB or has it been compiled as ACCDE. If an ACCDE then it can only be used in the same bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) used to create the ACCDE.
3. Or is it an old MDB created in Access 97 or earlier? If so, it will need to be converted so it can run in 365



il s'agit d'un fichier access que j'utilisais avec access 2019, s'agit d'une simple  liste de login et de mot de passe. access se lance tout a fait correctement, j'ai même essaye en mode sans échec. l'extension du fichier est accdb. et je suis sur un système 64bit


For some reason, that didn't auto translate in the thread. It would be appreciated if you could assist by translating to English before posting.

Anyway, this is your reply translated to English:
it is an access file that I used with access 2019, it is a simple list of login and password. access launches quite correctly, I even tried in safe mode. the file extension is accdb. and I'm on a 64bit system.


There is nothing obviously wrong in that description. Perhaps you have corrupted data or code though I doubt that would cause the error message you showed. Even so it wouldn't do any harm to decompile your project: 


After that try importing all database objects into a new blank database...if you can


If that doesn't help, can you upload a copy of your database. Ideally provide a cut down version with any confidential data removed.... if you are able to do that.

Another thing to try first.
Open your database with the shift key held down so no code runs. Do you still get the error?



thanks again for your answers, I managed to open the file with your advice :)
Thank you bcp for your help and patience:)

Excellent. For the benefit of others reading the thread, could you please say what the issue was and which of the suggested approaches worked for you
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The problem was this: I had an ms Access 2019 file, I switched to ms Access 365, and the my Access 2019 file was no longer recognized.
the only thing that worked was to open ms access in safe mode, then I was able to open my file, which I again saved in ms access 365 format.

thanks to @isladogs

That's slightly surprising as, if you have an up to date copy of Access 365, its newer than A2019 and should be able to open any A2019 file.

When you refer to safe mode, do you mean you opened it with the shift bypass?
I know it's surprising, I was amazed too ... I opened ms access "ctrl (push) click on ms access" he asked me if I wanted to open it in safe mode, and the I was able to open the file, strange I know but it worked
Bizarre. I've never known that fix an issue such as yours. Anyway, glad to know its all now working for you.
yes and thank you once again :)