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So I just got my company’s account created and I need to work on Access, how can I start accessing the companies databases to start creating reports and queries? Thank you!
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Access relational database applications consist of two accdb files (assuming they are properly designed and built).

For each of your existing company databases, then, you'll need to do two things. I would start by contacting the person responsible for administering those relational database applications. Ask them to provide you:

  • A copy of the "Front End" of the databases you need to use.
  • Network permissions to the share or folder where the "Back End" of the databases you need to use are stored.

The Front End contains all of the forms, reports and code needed to operate the relational database application. 

The Back End contains only the tables where the data is stored for that relational database application.


Have the administrator guide you on how to set up and use each of the applications you need to work with. That will include copying the Front End(s), or FE(s), to your computer, and having the network administrator include you in a security profile that has permissions on the location of the Back End(s), or BE(s).


Beyond that general level of guidance, you'll have to get the specifics from those in your organization responsible for each of the Access relational database applications you need to use.

Thank you so much