Automate Sending Reports from Access

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Is there a way to automate report generation in Access on a scheduled basis and send them externally for viewing on a phone for mobile use since access is PC only based?
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Export the report as a PDF and email it so it can be viewed on a mobile phone as an attachment.
Create a macro to do the whole process automatically i.e. run the report, save as PDF & then create the email e.g. using CDO
You can then use Windows Task Scheduler to open Access using the /macro switch at specified times/dates
I have developed several batch apps with Access and VBA which, among other things, are started periodically with Windows Task Scheduler. Exactly as isladogs has described. Some apps generate PDF reports that are created with Microsoft Print to PDF and sent as attachments via email to various employees in our company.

This works excellently. I can't think of a better tool to do this work with.