AutoGenerate FindReplace List Query

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Hi All,

Access newbie here, Versed in Excel VBA looking for new challenges so trying Access.

So I'm trying to use Templates to auto-generate a find and replace list. I have a table "tTemplates" that lists Template Names and Placeholder values that are to be replaced when using that specific Template. I also have table "tDrawings" where I specify a drawing number and what template that drawings should use. I'm trying to create a query that will list (either in the query itself or make a new table) the same drawing number with each individual placeholder to replaced. I have tried Select queries, Make Table Queries and Append Queries but the most i can get it to do is list a blank column for the drawing number and then list all of the placeholders. Anyone have any tips or recommendations on a way to go about this? Last Photo is Desired ResulttDrawings.pngtTemplates.pngdesiredresult.png

Thanks For Looking, any guidance is appreciated!

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Was able to solve by using a 3rd field although not terribly sure why that made it work :\