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When I open access there are templates that I can choose and when I choose an event management template and try to add an attachment it wont do it. can someone help


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@kellysrichI have recently seen discussions that some of the templates available may be missing that attachment field in some tables. You may be able to open the table in design view and add it manually. The MS Access team is aware of the problem.


To help follow up, can you identify which version of Access you are using? I think this may affect some, but not all versions.


@kellysrich There is an issue starting in version 1910 of Office that causes Attachment columns not to be created for templates.


This will be fixed in version 2001 of Office, which should be available in a few weeks.

In the meantime, as George suggested, the easiest workaround will be to manually add an Attachment field to the appropriate table.


Shane Groff

Access Engineering