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I want to create the following Database in MS ACCESS named 'DB_HOTELS'. A hotel company has a number of hotels (hotel chain such as GRECOTEL etc.) decided to proceed with the construction of an information system. With this system, it aims to computerize the procedures related to its operation. For this purpose, a Database must be developed that will support the entire system with data. Information about the Guests / Customers of the hotel chain, Hotel Units should be used, for example, for GRECOTEL, the unit named "ATHENS GRECOTEL" has the number C10 and is located in the city "Athens", the Rooms of each hotel unit, the Reservations made in a specific unit and room by a specific Guest and for a specific date.

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And what is your question / problem?
'create a CRM?
This sounds a lot like an assignment for a class in Access in a school. Is it?