An old reliable application just stopped working 7/15/22

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I have been using a database application created in Access in 2008.  When I went to get on yesterday I received the following error

"The expression On Open you entered as the event property setting produces the following error: Request type or Library or Wizard is not a VBA project"

And then it won't let me in.


I don't have the source code for this, just the executable file.  

Is there any changes that happened on Microsoft that were updated over the July 15th weekend that would have precipitated this problem.    Thanks.  I really need to access this.

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This is a known bug caused by security updates a week ago. You didn't mention your Access version. For the Current Channel = Access 365/2021/2019/2016 there is a fix available since last night. According to Microsoft the fixes for the other versions should come "soon". For details have a look at this page that gets updated when fixes are available for the other versions.


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