An Access Program No Longer Responds after MS Tech Changed Registry

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I have a program written in Access that is a front end and connects to a back end database. This is an MDB file. The program has buttons you can click to download documents from the web. The buttons were not working but everything else was working. The Tech decised to make some type of change in the Registry and now none of the buttons do not respond and I have no idea what he did. He dumped me off here to get help.


BTW I believe the problem I was having was related to a default app and had nothing to do with Access. I would like to strangle him!


Any help would be appreciated.


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@walterwood442320 That's an unfortunate situation. However, no one here can possibly know what changes were made to your registry, nor why they were made. It's especially unfortunate that someone working for Microsoft "dumped you off here" rather than taking responsibility for the action.


We can offer some suggestions about things to try, but realistically, not having any idea what those registry changes were makes it difficult.


For starters, can you open a VBA module and compile the code?

@George Hepworth 


Here's a screenshot of the Compile Action. Do this and see what errors are raised.



Also check the references in the VBA.



@George Hepworth Thanks for your responses George. After I got over being so pissed-off at the MS tech (which took me about an hour), I did some checking. What I found was that he apparently reset the registry settings for the Access Trust Center. Since the folder where our program operates was no longer trusted, nothing worked. I restored the "Trusted Locations" and some other settings there and the program again works correctly. 


BTW, the reason I had to contact MS in the first place was a bad MS update that apparently hosed Access. This is the second time since November that MS has issued a bad Access update that impacted our Enviro Data program and our clients. 



While I'm happy to hear you resolved the immediate problem, I'm still disappointed in that MS Tech's actions. I can't imagine why anyone would even think that disabling Trusted Locations would help anything. It's intended to be a security measure to restrict access to potentially unsafe documents!


The updates that have been causing so many recent problems are a significant concern to a lot of people. Sad to say, it's one reason so many developers are casting their eyes around for potential non-Microsoft solutions.