Aggregate Qry - Use LAST of Non Zero Number

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I have an aggregate query as below (and attached file) that returns the LAST record on RATE. 

I need to somehow adjust it to use the LAST of RATE of the non zero number.


You can see the LAST of the rate is 0 for the highlighted one below:



there are 5 records for IDParentfk (refer to the count) and I need to return the Rate that is NOT ZERO.

So essentially, I still need the LAST record but ONLY the LAST of where Rate is NOT ZERO. 



5 records. 

I need the 3rd record in this case since its the LAST that is not 0. 




SELECT tblFXRollsChild.IDParentfk, Last(tblFXRollsChild.Rate) AS LastOfRate, Count(tblFXRollsChild.IDRollsPK) AS CountOfIDRollsPK
FROM tblFXRollsChild
GROUP BY tblFXRollsChild.IDParentfk;


let me know if there are any questions.  I hope its clear. 

Please see attached sample db

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there might be a better way to do this though. I am open.
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How about this?


SELECT T1.IDParentfk, T1.Rate
FROM tblFXRollsChild AS T1
WHERE T1.IDRollsPK=(SELECT Max(IDRollsPK) FROM tblFXRollsChild WHERE Rate<>0 AND IDParentfk=T1.IDParentfk)
ORDER BY T1.IDParentfk


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Worked perfectly! thank you Karl. Nested query. Scary.