.adp conversion to .accdb

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I have an old .adp MS Access and need to convert it to .accdb.  It can be opened in MS Access 2007  version but there was no save-as or publishing option for .mdb. I have also tried creating a new database .accdb file in MS Access through Microsoft 365, then utilized external data by import or link the elements from this .adp file. But it didn't work either. MS Access pops up this error for everything I tried. How can I convert the .adp file to a .mbd or .accdb? Thank you.



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@-resolution I think "conversion" is off the table in any event. I don't believe it ever was something you could do. I believe you CAN retrieve any data, though, because would be stored in a SQL Server database to which you could also link a new accdb.


Untested but could you do the following?
Create a new database in A2007 and link to the ADP.
Right click on the linked tables and convert to local tables.
If that works, you can can now use this database in A365
Alternatively, just create a new A365 database and link to the SQL Server tables used in your old ADP.