Adding a new sheet in existing form - is it possible?

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I have a form. In that I need to add a sheet(like in excel). So when you open you can select between select sheet one(CMDB) ore sheet to be created(Decommed Servers)


Is it possible to add another sheet in Access in same form next to CMDB sheet? See attachment.



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You can do this with subforms.  First, create (sub)forms for CMDB and Decommed Servers. I called them SubCMDB and SubDecommedservers. Next, create a blank form and add the subforms to the blank main form through the Design-tab with this control:


You can place the subforms next to each other like this:



And when you open the form in View mode it looks like this:



Hope this fulfills your request.


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@Tieme Woldman 


I tried but forms does not come up as sheets:





You need to use Multi TAB Form,,, or just Right Click & add TAB/Page.


If you open the subforms in Design view you can set the forms properties for

Default View to Datasheet

Allow Datasheet View to Yes

and then the subforms should be shown as sheets.




I would do this on a tab control unless you want to see both subforms simultaneously. 


On the tab control you can insert many subforms, each of which is, in turn, displayed as a datasheet.



Finally, I think your future ACCESS development work will go much smoother if you try to focus more on the Access environment and much, much less on the Excel environment. Excel is a wonderful tool for the purposes it is intended for, but Access is a much better tool for developing relational database applications. And that's what you are now developing.